DIY 2 Trends in 1 Ankara fashion – Street Style Slay.

I love African inspired fashion a lot and I will be doing more of that on the fashion segment. If you know me too well you will know I am an unapologetic creative and I can improvise, isn’t that what DIY’s are all about.

With the latest Ankara patch trend and shirt on Joggers trend, I came up with something African and Chic.

I got a jean trouser in the market last year and it turned out to be too tight, Imagine I forgot to try it on to be sure it was my size, something my mom always warned me about, you see what you get for being disobedient.

DIY: My badass and creative self decided to do something meaningful with the jean.

1. I patched the two sides of the Jean with a red Ankara material so it could fit.

2. I also got a white shirt and patched the side with a detachable blue Ankara material with the same print as the red.

Why Detachable? I can use other materials to patch when needed or wear the shirt without patch for other occasions.


1st look-: With the Ankara patch on the jean pant it looked like joggers, lol… I paired it with the patched white shirt half tucked into the pants.

2nd look: My Ankara patched jean pants with the white shirt without the patch.. Here I used another material as a tummy belt instead of tucking it in.


• Choose materials with the same print but different complimenting colours for the shirt and pants.

• Choose two different prints with a common colour in both (either for the shirt and pants or the belt and pants).


Zenith cares 😘😘😘

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