16 Random facts about me


Hope you all are doing great today….like seriously I learnt the gwara gwara dance today and I feel so good.. Lol.

So it isn’t really a bad day after all and then I want to share some stuffs about me with you guys..wow!!! I really can’t believe am writing this finally, I see a lot of bloggers write this and I wonder… Lol.

Seriously I think am one of those people who are not really certain of some things about them, yeah!!!. am not alone on these I know, I believe in myself and I trust my own vibes.

Oya pour me water 💧 💧

So let’s do this…you get to know this blogger girl and she get’s to know you too, because you will be telling me some stuffs about you on the comment section. Deal🤝

1. I am a Christian and I love God. I yearn to know him more.

2. I was born in the 90’s

3. I wear medicated glasses (binoculars).. But I rarely take pictures with them.

4. I am a screen writer, I’ve been writing since 2012 and I haven’t sold any… C’est la vie (such is life).

5. I don’t have a favourite meal, yes oh I said that. I am a foodie, once it’s nice I eat but most importantly I stick to what I know.. Lol.

6. I love Singing; one of my God’s given talent is my voice and I wish to have a music group some day.

7. I am very tall… For the records I am 5ft.11

8. I have soft palms, Gift from God. I don’t use any hand cream and please I clean, cook and wash…i keep explaining to people.

9. Please have you heard that there are people who are great dancers while sitting.. I am one of them. I can even visualize some amazing dance steps but when I stand I seem to be jumping, bouncing and screaming. So I rather sit and be dancing to the beat in my mind

10. I love adventure; I want to meet new people and visit new places.. Call me Waltzing Matilda.

11. I am a sapiosexual; yeah cute I know but you got to be smart..i get attracted to brains too.

12. I don’t have a favourite colour, once it’s pleasant to the eye, in terms of cloth. I don’t know if this is strange but it’s true; I think I am cool with white, grey, black, blue, e.t.c. in fact am sure I don’t have a favourite colour.

13. I do not know how to play any game.. Not one, I do not have any mobile game app on my phone and you know why? I hate failing or loosing to anyone, so I rather not play at all; my bad!!! But God has been teaching me a lot on the principles of failing, rising and becoming better through life experiences and trials.

14. I look too serious and quiet but that’s for people I am not yet acquainted to, once we get close you realize how much of a free and fun person I am.

15. I can play for Africa, don’t really know if am much of a humorous person though, but my friends laugh at my jokes a lot.. Or is it because they are my friends.. Friends please come and clear me on this.

16. I have an eclectic taste or style in things, most especially in fashion. I go with what am comfortable in, I don’t mind if it’s trending or not.

Yeah!! so that’s about me, someone else please..

I finally wrote this. Don’t forget to tell me about yourself. Am waiting!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Love from Zenith😘😘😘

5 Replies to “16 Random facts about me”

  1. She is a sweetheart indeed i know life experiences sometimes make people who they are but then lets try to keep the so called experiences aside and just groom ourselves to be the person God wants us to be…
    Ok am ekaybliss and am a blogger too a sincere and true person,i love to the extreme and want to make things work even if i cant see anything yet lol i guess thats a very strong faith you know… I’m a very crazy and fun person too… Let me stop here


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