April Wise

Life update

Hey guys…. What’s up?

No that’s not how to say hi to your loved ones when you left them for a long time, my bad!!!!

How have you guys been, How has life been and what have you been up-to lately? I want to know…

So sorry, i haven’t posted anything for a while now, been writing my exams but am done now, so let’s have a chat.

Yeah I know the blog title today sounds a little bit awkward…lol… Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to prank someone on April Fools Day, so unlike me. Well but that’s by the way, the title has nothing to do with that.

Today is the last day in April, Everything and everyday brings experiences and I can say every thing you see or go through in life is a process to your next stage in life.

I was thinking about so many things that are not working as I planned in my life yesterday and I was really sad… And then as I was about saying; what kind of life is this; I heard myself singing out the lyrics of Kari jobe’s song -What love is this that you gave your own life for me. And trust me I felt better, It was like God was speaking to me. Oh yes he does speak to us.

And then today I was opportuned to see the movie -THE SHACK..omg I feel loved right now. I learnt a lot from this movie, please go watch it and thank me later.

Okay let me share what I’ve learnt cos you are my family here you know and I know some of us are going through a lot, you might be a church goer and yet be battling to love God, because you believe God is not fair…i used to think like that too until today, I realized that our God deserves some accolades πŸ˜‚ and you as his child deserves some too for being patient in tribulations.

What did I learn?

I learnt ;

1. God is Trinitarian in nature, God the father, the son and Holy Spirit and they are fond of me(us).

2. God knows everything we’ve been through and still going through, but he wants us to tell him, he wants us to communicate with him (pray).

3. God feels our pain and hurt as well… So don’t think you are alone. And he would do anything in his power to help.

4.God is our father, mother, brother, sister, lover, friend.. He’s our everything(He comes in the form of any of these depending the situation) .

5. He yearns for our love, closeness and bond.

6. The more we think about the past and worry about the future.. We loose focus and sink. Trust God, let go of the past and let God.

7.Wisdom is profitable… Don’t do God’s job by judging others.

8. When you forgive, you lift yourself to the realm of peace, joy, Happiness, love and prosperity.

9.God loves people, even deeply flawed people who aren’t yet in a relationship with him.

10. God is sovereign and cares deeply for those who’ve gone through tragedies.

11.Trials and temptations are ways God teaches us to love ourselves regardless.. So we can be able to love others.

12. God does not inflict pain.

Alright this is what I learnt and I feel lighter and better knowing all this and even much better sharing it with you guys.

I can’t say April is a bad month after all.. God has lifted me to a new level of knowledge in him and it’s the best thing that can happen to anyone.

If you have questions and suggestions, be free to share in the comment section.

Love and light!!!!

Love from Zenith😍😍😍

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