More of God!! But my secular success


How have you guys been? I wish you all a productive week ahead. Last week was really a busy and tough one for me, school stress and all…and also the fact that my bank account was blinking red, Lol…

To the reason for today’s post; how do I get to be successful in the secular world and still not loose my faith. I’ve been worried sick about this and I know am not the only one in this. I grew up in a Christian home, mom is a deaconess, I sing in the church, I love God and I want to serve and know him more, but yet I want to be a successful blogger, writer, movie producer and if possible an all round entertainer, am scared my dreams will affect my relationship with God. What do I do?

I know of some Bloggers, Entertainers, and Business moguls whom their secular success never affected their relationship and faith in God. In my quest to get answers, I asked some people and I got myself some really good books which I would share with you. These books helped me realize that God loves me so much and doesn’t have a problem with me being successful and famous, but he is a jealous God, so I shouldn’t allow my dreams be my god, all I have to do is serve him in truth and in spirit, work towards my dreams and then leave the rest for him.

I can be successful without losing Jesus. I can be victorious in life without losing faith. We may be in the spirit but we’re part of the world. I got to understand that without God, my dreams can’t be achieved, because with him all things are possible.

But thou shalt remember the LORD Thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his convenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.

(Deut 8.18)

Remember the tree can only go as high as the roots go deep, make God your solid foundation and you will blossom in any area of your life. I learnt that everything I deemed as failure heaven doesn’t look at it that way, you call failure a setback, but heaven calls it a setup, that is to say that what matters is not where you are today, but what kind of person God is shaping you to become in preparation for the time when he brings his vision for your life to fruition. Have you noticed that some of the things you are doing today weren’t what you planned to do before, but you realize how passionate and happy you feel about it, those things you did or planned that never worked weren’t just for you, and when it failed, that was heaven working in your favour.

So you see, just keep your eyes straight ahead and focus on becoming the best possible professional and Christian. Let God take care of the future. Do what you have to do, sometimes the reason you feel you can’t be spiritual and secular at the same time, it’s not because you can’t, but because you worry about what people would say, you are not accountable to them, you are only accountable to God and yourself – Be you, be different and not common.

The books are:

1) Hollywood commandments by Devon franklin

click here

2) Faith in the spotlight by Megan Alexander

Click here

3) produced by faith by Devon Franklin

click here

Love you.

Zenith cares😘

6 Replies to “More of God!! But my secular success”

  1. Exactly!its really difficult trying to match the God aspect along side your career or dreams,but i got to know that he cares about our life in general he just wants to see us blossom as along as we do the right thing.
    Nice write up dearie.

    Liked by 1 person

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