Readiness for marriage


Hey guys

Like I said in my introduction that I will be talking about a whole lot of things.

Today I will be talking on this important topic…but this is basically for ladies.

I am single and hoping that one day I will get into a good relationship and then get married, but then it bothers me a bit when I think of marriage, I want a happy home, a loving husband and of course cute kids.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not scared of marriage but not being well prepared for marriage is really a source of concern to me.

So I will be sharing some necessary tips on how to get ready for marriage.

Was initially supposed to be a podcast but I turned it into a video.

So please check out the video and if you have any suggestion or question drop it on the comment section and I promise to attend to them all, one by one.

I talked about this lovely book

Power of a praying wife by Stormie Omartain on my video and you can get the three (prayer book, study guide and the book itself) together at an affordable price on Amazon

Thank you

Love from Zenith😘

6 Replies to “Readiness for marriage”

  1. This podcast is something else, it’s just greata. It not only for the ladies but also for the the men. There is just something about it, the images it creates, the information, the peace and preparation, the clarity of ideas. The illustration about the Journey with the car and the preparation cannot not be perfectly said. Thanks for sharing you thought it really helped me. Now for the first time in my life, I am on a journey of the preparation for readiness of marriage. Thanks cannot really express my appreciation, but its all I can offer now. *KUDOS*

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