The Blogger’s Blog

Yeah…I’m a blogger and this is my blog. I’ve been a blogger with no blog…๐Ÿ˜Š strange right? I’ve been writing for years with no platform to share my ideas

So finally it’s here—-

Hi, my name is Nwaiwu Sandra Obianuju. I am a Christian, a pure and industrial chemistry student of Nnamdi Azikiwe university Awka, an actor, blogger, writer (I write books and movie scripts), Youtuber, dreamer, Adventurer, go-getter and an aspiring media mogul.

Zenith Regal vision is to help people live happier and a more fulfilling life with greater awareness of themselves and the world around them by sharing lifestyle and Christian contents… Ranging from biblical teachings and insights, motivational advice, fashion, health and DIYs. Just life as a whole and anything worth talking about.

I will also be using this blog as a means of noting and expressing my ideas, projects, skills and daydreams…

I am here to inspire and at the same time have fun with you guys..this blog is a place to make you feel a bit like you have an invisible and distant best friend but not to worry I love and care about you all.

I’m open to suggestions, learning, questions, collaborations and help

We all are children of a King and that makes us Royal๐Ÿ‘‘

Zenith Regal

Royalty at it’s peak


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